Concept Konzeption

The Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. is running the Center for Artistic Visual Media Saxony-Anhalt, provides the place of business for coordinating the Media Association Saxony-Anhalt and is concerned with technical matters in the field of production of the cultural public film funding of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Alternating with ostranenie - The International Electronic Media Forum at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the Werkleitz Gesellschaft stages the Werkleitz Biennial.

The concept of the Werkleitz Biennial is that of a border crossing, international forum for media and art. Artists in the fields of Film, Video, Photography, Performance and Multimedia as well as classical fields of the Visual Arts like Painting and Sculpture get the opportunity to present their views on contemporary issues with their artistic work. The artistic engagement on the current development from the information to the communication society is playing a significant role.

After the 2. Werkleitz Biennial Cluster Images in 1996 with 70 participating artists from 15 countries, the 3. Werkleitz Biennial will take place in 1998 with the thematic line of subfiction


”In science, fiction is, as the most important methodic tool, an assumption which is accompanied by the consciousness of its incorrectness, yet may help to gain the correct perception“.
(Meyers Neues Großes Volkslexikon)

Due to the rigoros fragmentation of the notion of reality, triggered by the recently increasing mixing of fictional, scientific and social constructions, it appears -also caused by the rapid technological development of new media- , that the idea of fiction becomes less and less homogenious to manage to capture the span of contemporary phenomena.
subfiction serves as possible expression for a new development beyond the original notion of fiction, especially since its terminological closeness to smaller and subcultural groups, interests and actions much more take the actual phenomena into account, these ”fictions“are trying to define contentual distinctions with.

With subfiction we want to present works which reflect their own fictional content and/or enter into the experiment of breaking through conventional fictions and forms.

The 3. Werkleitz Biennial intends to have different experts in the fields of Film, Video, Internet/CD-Rom, Visual Arts and Performance to give their opinion on which positions in the respective artistic field are current and important.

We are especially interested in the interaction of technology, art and society, in outlooks on the development of virtual media and the relation to our idea of reality, fiction, identity and culture.

In this context the following questions occur:

  • Which significance has fiction for society, which for art?
  • Are collective fictions replaced by individiual fictions?
  • Which shiftings exist in the evaluation of fiction - construction and virtuality - reality?
  • Does fiction, following the already existing possibiliy of real-time data transmission, appear increasingly in spatial and localspecific qualities and distinctions?
  • How is fiction altered by new media?
    Which necessity of dramaturgy is behind this development?
  • Which relevant new forms and contents are emerging in art and popular culture?

Approximately ten experts of different fields will each curate a programme or exhibition section with a selection of works which is important to them in that context.

These positions - which can be contrary and discursiv - will be presented and discussed together. For this reason we were choosing this open form and the line of questions, not believing, that the function of curating can replace the artistic, but to present these views as a spectrum which should supply information on the current situation of subfiction.


The event will take place on four days in Tornitz und Werkleitz.

Date: September 3rd to 6th 1998

Selected programmes and parts of the exhibition shall be presented before and after the event in Magdeburg, Dessau and Halle, the major towns in the state.

Further presentations in 1999 are planned within a touring programme.

A printed catalogue as well as an online version of the catalogue, containing the documentation of the artistic works and a selection of theoretical contributions, will be published for the 1998 Biennial subfiction.


A group of about ten curators in the fields of Film, Video, Visual Arts, New Media and Performance will be nominated by the Werkleitz Gesellschaft. Considering the thematic questions described above, each curator will be responsible for the respective programme, inviting artists with their work for subfiction.

Selections may include pieces of work of the classical static and time based Visual Media, Performance and New Media as well as border crossing artistic works. Suitable spaces and the respective technical equipment will be supplied for the presentation proposals of the curators.

A series of lectures and a special programme on thematically relevant features will complete the programme.

Local Realisation

One of the unique aspects of the Biennial is the rural situation. The villages of Werkleitz and Tornitz, situated at the Saale river, make up the local framework. Space for venues can also be provided in the closeby towns of Barby and Calbe, if necessary.

Information on Werkleitz and Tornitz can be looked up on our website as well as on the webpages of subfiction.

The following locations can be considered for the event at the moment and may be extended, if necessary:

1. Central meeting point, information point: Konsumgebäude Tornitz

2. Exhibition section and spaces for presentation:

  • Film/Video screeenings: Tavern ”Zur Post“ Tornitz (hall)
  • Exhibition: Youthclub and Gym Werkleitz, Werkleitz Church,
  • Konsum I and II Tornitz, Community Hall Tornitz, Ziegelei 3 in Werkleitz,
  • further locations, open air spaces (village squares, fields, dike, sandworks, etc.)